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Thinking about redecorating your living room? Or perhaps you've bought a new home and need to furnish the living room? Whatever the case may be, buying a sofa might seem like an easy task. In your mind, it might go something like this. Step one: research the sofa you want. Step two: purchase everything around that sofa. The big problem with this is what happens if the couch is too big for the space and doesn't look right? This is just one of the things to consider before buying a couch because the hassle of returning and getting a new one will definitely be a task in itself - although we do our best to make even that process as stress free as possible.

We've come up with some tips on how to plan ahead so that when you do go to buy your new sofa, you'll not only love the look but love how it fits in your space.

How Big Is The Space?
Always consider the size of your space. Common sense will tell you that a small sofa will fit in a small space and a large sofa will fit in a large space. We know, we can practically you hear say it — obviously. But when you fall in love with a piece or enjoy a certain design trend, you may not be thinking clearly. Imagine having a huge living room, and a small sofa in it because you loved the look. It won't look right no matter how much you want it to!

What Other Kinds Of Furniture Are In The Space?
Another important thing to consider is the other pieces in your space. If you’ve fallen in love with a large couch and decided to pair it with small chairs or a small coffee table, things will look off. Everything needs to look proportionate. So while you think this is another easy common sense task, you never know when you put everything together in one room.

Spacing Is Important
Have you ever walked into a space and witnessed a bunch of furniture all touching each other or uncomfortably close to each other? Exactly. Spacing is so important to the look of a room, not to mention its functionality. You'll want at least 18 inches between your sofa and coffee table. There should also be at least 3.5 - 10 feet between any seating in the room so when all your friends are in the room, you don’t get claustrophobic or feel like you're in a different room altogether. Your television should also be roughly 8 feet from the couch because the last thing you want is to squint and strain because the TV is too far or too close.

Measure Your Furniture!
This is a no-brainer! Take measurements in your space before you buy the sofa, and when you pick it out, measure that sofa so you know it’s the right size.


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