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Purchasing locally-made products is important to our economy. Not only do Canadian-made products support local business owners, but the money they receive from your purchase goes right back into the economy. Re-circulating money into our society is incredibly important for our future.
When you buy an item from a box store, the work that goes into making that product has likely been outsourced and off-shored overseas to pass savings on to you. While this can be beneficial, there are a number reasons why buying Canadian can supersede that discount.

Another key factor in buying locally is that you're helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Foreign-made products have to travel through several manufacturers before it even gets to you. This means added fuel costs and emitting poisonous materials into the air.

Dodd’s furniture stores have a huge selection of Canadian-made products. We pride ourselves on sourcing from a number of Canadian manufacturers who are committed to making quality, affordable furniture. Although buying locally-made products can be expensive, furniture liquidators like us make sure our products are affordable to the average consumer.

Not only do we want you to get the best price possible, we want you to get that furniture as soon as possible. Purchasing products made in Canada can cut shipment times, and because a large number of our furniture is manufactured right here in BC, getting the item you want is even faster!

Quality is the most important aspect of the furniture we carry and we want to make sure you have the best options available. Whether you’re re-doing your dining room or purchasing furniture for your living room, Dodd’s furniture stores are committed to providing you with the best quality Canadian products at the best price, no matter what design taste is.

Here are some of the Canadian-made products we carry in our furniture stores:

Elite Sofa Designs - Delta, BC

An independent family-run business that specializes in customizable living room furniture. They have more than 200 fabrics and a variety of furniture styles. Custom orders are delivered in four weeks.

Elran from Pointe-Claire - Québec

A family-owned business that offers high-quality products tailor-made for you.

Mako Wood Furniture - Surrey, BC

They offer beautiful solid pine and alder wood bedroom suites with custom wood stains. Storage beds are also available. Custom orders are delivered in eight weeks.

Palliser - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Stylish living room furniture with a choice of 85 luxurious leathers and over 200 fabrics. Custom orders are delivered in four to six weeks.


All of our Serta and Simmons mattresses are made in Canada.

Dodd’s furniture stores are committed to having the best furniture at the best prices. Come visit us at any of our locations today and ask about our Canadian-made furniture today. And we're not a one-trick pony, we carry many different brands from all over including Ashley Furniture. So no matter what your preference, we have something for you.