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Back in the day, the only time you’d see bar stools were in bars (surprise, surprise) or restaurants. Generally used while enjoying a couple of drinks or a sports game, they became the epitome of casual seating for a night out.
Somewhere along the way, people brought that concept into their homes. While the same bar utility remained, bar stools evolved and took on many different forms. There are still the good old pub-style wooden bar stools, but now there are also elegant leather-bound stools with a chic edge. It’s safe to say that bar stools have come a long way since their conception around the same time Frodo and Sam were looking for the Ring.
Today, there are plenty of options. There are bar stools to fit every kind of home decor, and they can also be a great alternative to a more formal dining setting. So, without further ado, we’re going to take a look at the best bar stool types out there and what you can use them for.
Backless Bar Stools
These are the bar stools that people most commonly associate with going to an actual bar. Simple and straightforward, wooden stools of this nature give us those Cheers vibes and put a nostalgic smile on our face.
With that mind, backless bar stools come in many different styles and materials these days. For example, let’s say you have a beautiful condo with exposed brick and pipe running through the ceiling. While that is very New York of you, a couple of matching bar stools would complete this picture. Using a distressed metal backless bar stool can look great in this kind of setting, adding the perfect amount of character without overpowering the space.
In terms of comfort, they might not be the top choice on our bar stools breakdown, however. While you can get these kinds of bar stools with some padding — you’re still missing that all-important back support.
Full Back Bar Stools
If comfort is king in your life, look no further than the full back bar stool. These kind of bar stools are great if you’re planning to take a seat and enjoy your company a little longer.
Not only do you have that extra back support that backless bar stools lack, but you also have something that looks more like a tall chair. A lot of people pair this kind of bar stool with a taller table and use them as a one-stop dining experience. Using a nice dark metal or wood can look great with your table set-up.
These kind of bar stools, while generally the most comfortable, are a little less casual than backless ones. If you want a less formal option with some of the back support still intact, you can also get a low back bar stool.
Swivel Bar Stools
This kind of bar stool is really the best of both worlds. The great thing about backless bar stools is that you can turn easily in any direction with no obstruction. The downside, as mentioned earlier, is that you sacrifice back support.
Swivel bar stools can solve that issue. You can have a bar stool with full back support that also gives you freedom of movement like a backless bar stool. There’s the ability to turn easily and address that couple your wife invited who said the Vancouver Canucks aren’t a great team anymore.
If you want to get a little more functionality, you can even get bar stools that swivel with height adjustability. That way you can create your own personalized settings, and your shorter friends won’t feel left out. Everybody wins.
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