Weekend Makeover: Bedroom Edition

January 19, 2018

Weekend Makeover: Bedroom Edition

Okay, so maybe your post-holiday budget is a little tight, but that doesn't mean you can't make over the most important room in your home! Yes, the bedroom—the space where you (ideally) spend almost half of every day. For this weekend makeover, we're not talking about major renos or anything like that. With a bit of elbow grease and imagination, by Sunday afternoon you'll be relaxing in your new-feeling room!

Saturday: Clean up your act. 
Survey your room. When was the last time you really cleaned your bedroom? Like, really really cleaned it? Today is the day. Make a list of everything that requires attention in your room and cross off the chores as you go along. You'll want to tackle the following:

  • General tidy—pick up any clothing, books, magazines, pizza boxes (no judgment) etc and remove anything that shouldn't be there
  • Strip the bed and wash your bedding. If it's nice outside, let your pillows sit in the sunlight for a few hours
  • Declutter and wipe down/dust all surfaces. Walk around with a box and collect whatever you can't find a place for in the room. You can consider the items in this box later—relocate stuff or donate it
  • Vacuum EVERYTHING—all the edges of the room, under the bed, those weird dusty cobwebby things that hang from popcorn ceilings, even your curtains and blinds
  • Clean windows and mirrors and wipe down your walls with a natural cleaner
  • Remake your bed as soon as your bedding is laundered. Choose your favourite sheets and treat yourself to hospital corners.

Sunday: Take Stock & Beautify

You've just woken from a wonderful sleep in your freshly cleaned room. Take a few moments to survey the space. How do you feel? Is your bed positioned correctly in the room? Still too much stuff or maybe not enough? How does your bedding feel? Take a few notes about how you're feeling and make a list of the changes you'd like to make.

Once you're up and you've made your bed, take another look. If you feel like you need more colour, consider bringing something in from another room or treat yourself to a bright bouquet of flowers. If the room feels crowded, see what you can remove. Spend some time rearranging the room and looking for inspiration throughout your home and then check your list again. This way you can decide if you really need to purchase something. Whether it's new throw pillows, painted walls or furniture—you'll now have better idea of what changes you'd like to make in the future. And in the meantime, enjoy your clean room!