Use Feng Shui In Your Home

August 10, 2016

Use Feng Shui In Your Home

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese system of balancing our physical environment to promote harmony and well-being. Western feng shui is practical and useful. It’s culturally neutral and at Dodd’s we think it makes good common decorating sense.

Some people have an innate sense of how to arrange things in their homes. We’ve all known those people who have a great eye for decor and can turn a humble home into something special with a few simple items. It’s all about placement and flow. You want that chi energy (life force) to move about.

Feng shui is like anything else, the more you know the more you can apply it to your life. Or just take what you like and leave the rest.

Here’s a few basic suggestions for you:


Get rid of the stuff that’s spilling off your counters, tabletops, bureaus and coffee tables. Clean out your closets and donate what you don’t need. Just hang on to those things that have deep personal meaning to you. Don’t you feel better already?

Get two night tables

Doesn’t matter if you live alone. They don’t need to match or be traditional - chairs, benches stools, trunks can all work just fine. It’s all about balance.

Get your zzzzz’s

A properly placed bed is believed to offer security and better sleep. The ideal position is said to be diagonally opposite the door. This way you’ll have a clear view of the room and the door but your feet won’t be pointing directly at the doorway.

Flow in the living room

Arrange your furniture so that you can move freely. Keep walkways to other rooms clear. Don’t point hard angles at people. That’s why a circular or oval coffee table is a good choice. A mix of shapes will create the most balance in a room. What you’re after is intimate, inviting seating arrangements.

Fix what’s broken

Your space is a mirror of you. So shine that mirror up by fixing those door knobs, broken appliances and cracked windows. There’s such satisfaction in knowing that everything in your environment works.

Add some pow to your entrance

Make your home welcoming to yourself and to others. Add a couple of pots of flowers on either side of your doorway. Paint your door in your favourite color. Add a colorful mat.This is where your main feng shui energy enters so you want it to be appealing.

We hope these few ideas will encourage you to try a few things to make your space a true reflection of you.