Understanding Wood Materials & How They Impact Your Furniture

Understanding Wood Materials & How They Impact Your Furniture
Wood is one of the most popular materials used for furniture, it’s in everything from sofas to shelves. So why is it that when you go to different furniture stores or furniture liquidators, prices vary so much? The answer is simple: all wood isn’t cut from the same cloth — or, in this case, the same tree.
Navigating through the vast array of woods available on the market can be overwhelming. Some are built for beauty while others are made for durability. The type of wood used for furniture often depends on what that particular piece is trying to accomplish. The requirements for sturdy shelving is different from that of a spectacular, handcrafted dining table.
To get a better understanding of different wood types, it’s important to know which ones are optimal for different furniture pieces. You might like fibreboard from a value perspective, but it won’t last nearly as long as rich mahogany. We’re going to take a look at how different woods can change the dynamic of your furniture.
The Hardwood vs. Softwood Debate
A lot of people make the misconception of thinking hardwood automatically makes furniture better because it’s more expensive. That’s not necessarily the case. While hardwood is generally more durable than softwood, it doesn’t always have the same kind of versatility.
Softwood typically has a finer texture that’s less dense, making it ideal for furniture building. Since it’s much easier to move around and form into different shapes, furniture manufacturers often prefer softwood. That said, high-end furniture stores will usually carry a selection of hardwood furniture that’s much sturdier with a more unique finish.
It all comes down to a matter of preference and budget. Furniture made with hardwood is generally going to be more expensive and rare. Softwood, while cheaper, is much more common and found in a number of different furniture pieces because they’re easier to build with.
Bang for Your Buck
Wood can be a very expensive endeavour, and everyone can’t afford top-tier furniture that’s made from the finest oak or maple. That doesn’t mean you don’t have options. All it means is you may have to look into furniture that’s made from engineered woods.
When it comes to making furniture, many manufacturers use engineered woods. One of the best types used for building furniture is particle board. Created with wood chips and shavings that are bonded together with resin, particle board is one of the more dense engineered woods and great for pieces like shelving and desks.
Luxury Look
If you’re looking for more unique furniture pieces that last longer and look great — you have a few options to choose from. That said, hardwood might be the best way to go if you really want to get that luxurious look in your home.
Walnut is a very popular wood that’s known for its strength and durability. Its darker colour makes it ideal for a number of home decor styles, whether it’s for a table or other furniture pieces. Red oak has a beautiful, pinkish-red tone that’s perfect for statement furniture pieces like a coffee table or dining table.
One of the most expensive hardwoods available on the market is teak. While it’s much harder to find, it’s one of the most durable woods you can find. With a stunning golden and brown tone that darkens with age, teak furniture is both elegant and exceptionally strong.
When it comes to furniture built with quality wood materials, we’ve got options. Visit one of our three great Vancouver Island showrooms to get some great ideas in person or check out our website. We carry a number of great products from brands like Ashley Furniture. We won’t be undersold!

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