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Coffee tables aren’t just a place to put your piping hot espresso anymore. This centrepiece of living rooms worldwide has been liberated to address both function and style. You need to have a little creativity and vision, though.
You know that basketball player who never gets any credit but always comes off the bench to drop threes? That's the coffee table. Underrated and understated, we use them all the time without even knowing it. The dining room table might be the star when a delicious meal comes through, but coffee tables are as dependable as they come.
So why not take care of your unsung hero? Give your coffee table a little props for always being there when you need them. Furniture stores and furniture liquidators have a wide range of options to match your needs, but you have to know how to treat them right.
Build a Balance
Like anything, styling a coffee table takes a careful eye for detail. Since it is the focal point of your living room, you should be especially vigilant.
A great place to start is understanding the overall flow of your living room. Is it bold and edgy? Or is it light and breezy? Knowing this will help you determine what kind of coffee table you need and what should go on top of it.
For example, if your home has a contemporary minimalist aesthetic, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to go after a vintage coffee table from the 1800s. Furthermore, what you’d put on top of that coffee table would also be different. You might place a sleek, modern glass vase in the middle of the coffee table to bring it together and nothing more.
If you want to play around with more items such as books or candles, make sure that they fit within the context of the space. Identify colours that complement the space as a whole and build from there.
Don’t Be a Hoarder
So you have a 1997 issue of a teen magazine with the Backstreet Boys on the cover? Cool. Just make sure it fits what you’re doing with your space or it can look completely lost.
If you want to maximize the style of your coffee table, don’t treat it like a laundry hamper. We know it’s easy to pile up a whole bunch of random stuff over time, but you need to keep it nice and tidy to really make an impact. If you’re reading or having some drinks, make sure you store those things away after using them and only keep the items you want there full-time.
Yes, coffee tables are also there for functionality when you need them, but don’t get carried away. Keeping a well-organized surface will showcase your coffee table as more of a design piece, and it can enhance your overall living room experience, as well.
Keep an Open Mind
Coffee tables come in a slew of different styles and sizes to match your lifestyle, so make sure you’ve found the right one for you.
Stopping by a few different furniture stores and furniture liquidators will give you a good idea of what’s really out there. Whether you’re a modern enthusiast or a vintage soul, there’s something for everybody. Think about your space and what you want it to say about you and your home.
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