Posted on by Love Dodd

Leather has always been the embodiment of luxury. Can you imagine jumping into a brand new Ferrari with cheap fabric seats? It doesn’t happen. Leather interiors are a staple of the high-end sports car manufacturer because they represent a certain standard of elegance and exclusivity.
Much like the interior of your imaginary Ferrari, caring for leather takes a little more effort than your average piece of furniture. You can’t just go nuts with a wet cloth and call it day. Leather is a premium material, and you should treat it as such. As amazing as it can look, it doesn’t take much for scuffs, scratches, and stains to accumulate if you’re not careful.
There are many different ways you can care for your leather furniture to extend its life. We’re going to run down a few of the very best and most effective.
Consult Manufacturer Instructions
Most pieces of leather furniture come with the manufacturer’s care instructions. You can usually find them in an instruction booklet that comes with the furniture or on a label. It’s like doing laundry and reading the label to know if your crisp white tee is okay for a warm wash and dry.
A lot of people seem to ignore this step entirely. With leather furniture, however, there’s usually a reason the manufacturer leaves detailed instructions for care. Depending on the type of leather your furniture is constructed with, you may only be able to use certain types of cleaners.
Find the Right Position
Leather can be a very fickle material. Most of us know that feeling of jumping into a car with leather seats when it’s been sitting outside in the cold. You need to switch that heater on right away because the seat is usually freezing.
The same principles apply to where your leather furniture needs to be situated in your home. It can’t be too hot or too cold. Don’t put it near a large heating source such as a heater, fireplace, or even natural sunlight. This can cause the material to crack or fade much faster if it consistently exposed to these elements. On the flip side, if you put your leather furniture underneath an air conditioning unit you’ll start feeling like a polar bear in their natural habitat.
Invest in Leather Conditioner
Leather has a tendency to dry out and crack over time. While there’s really no way to completely avoid this as time goes on — you can help delay the inevitable.
Applying a leather conditioner with a microfibre cloth a couple of times a year is all you really need for regular maintenance in this regard. You don’t need to splash on a ton either, a little bit goes a long way. Also, make sure to consult the manufacturer instructions as there are many different kinds of conditioners available on the market. Find the one that’s right for your leather furniture, which can usually be purchased at most furniture stores and furniture liquidators.
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