Solving Your Wall-To-Wall Carpet Woes

Solving Your Wall-To-Wall Carpet Woes
If you’ve ever had a home with wall-to-wall carpet, you know that it generally comes at a price. Sometimes, it’s too light with stains all over and in plain sight. Other times, it’s too dark and makes your home feel like it’s haunted by a ghost from the 1930s.
Unfortunately, everyone can’t get rid of their carpet woes with beautiful hardwood flooring. This is especially true for renters who have no choice but to work with what they’re given. They’re stuck in this limbo where they dislike the carpet they have but can’t really do anything about it.
But what if we told you there was something you could do to fix your wall-to-wall carpet issues? No, we won’t come to your house Extreme Makeover-style and rip the carpet up to replace it with marble. That said, a little tidying and some new decor in the right places can go a long way. So, without further ado, let’s break down some of the easiest ways to deal with your home carpet crisis.
Deep Clean That Carpet
For those of us who’ve lived in a carpeted home, you might remember how fresh and clean it looked when you first arrived — so how can you keep it that way?
The answer to that question is painfully obvious: you clean it. You’d be surprised how many people miss this important step in carpet maintenance because it takes a little extra time and money. That said, this is always the best first step you can take in ensuring your carpet always looks its very best.
Think about all those minor stains that you accumulate over the course of a year. Coffee or wine spills, pizza sauce, whatever you spilled on the floor, these are things that can be fixed by hiring a professional carpet cleaning service and getting them to remove those stains for you. This will not only help your carpet look better, but it can also get rid of those weird scents caused by staining as well.
Rugs On Carpets
There’s a school of thought out there that believes adding rugs to a carpeted space only makes it look more cluttered. While we could tip our hats to those people, that isn’t the case if you carefully map out your rug decor.
If you want to implement rugs into your home, make sure you’re addressing two things. The first is that you’re doing a good job covering that carpet in as many areas as you can without it looking messy. The second is that you choose rugs that have a consistent design element so you can actually use them as decor and not only as ugly carpet cover-ups.
To do that, hit up some furniture stores and furniture liquidators to get an idea of what you can find in terms of rugs. They don’t necessarily have to be massive area rugs, although if your space is big enough to support that, it’s certainly an option.
Lead Eyes Away From Carpet
What do you do when you don’t want someone to see something? You draw their attention elsewhere. That’s exactly what you need to do when it comes to having carpet in your home that you’re not particularly proud of.
Guiding the eye upward is the best practice to remedy this. If you have a host of interesting design elements on your walls and shelves and even some unique lighting, people won’t even notice your carpet is there. They’ll be fixated on what’s above the ground, not the ground itself.
Furniture stores and liquidators can help you find some cool design pieces that will fit your style without fail. Visit one of our three great Vancouver Island showrooms to get some more ideas in person or check out our website. We carry a number of great products from brands like Ashley Furniture. We won’t be undersold!

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