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Seating is the cornerstone of any good living room. In order to really bring the space together, you have to invest in proper seating that fits your lifestyle and needs. While there are many options that furniture stores and furniture liquidators offer, sofas and sectionals are consistently at the forefront of this decision-making process.
There isn’t a right or wrong answer when it comes to the actual choice you make. That said, there are different factors to consider when deciding which one you prefer. It’s not as simple as identifying a good-looking sofa on the showroom floor. There has to be some rationale behind why you think it’ll fit in your living room.
A lot of people make the mistake of seeing sofas and sectionals at furniture stores or online and going straight off gut reaction. While your initial impression is absolutely crucial, there are some other things that need to be considered to make sure you’re making the right call.
What Does Your Space Say?
One of the big factors in choosing a sofa or sectional comes down to the actual space you have in your living room.
Sectionals do a great job at including everyone. Since it’s one continuous furniture piece, it’s ideal for bringing families and friends together in a casual setting where everyone can grab a spot in one place. There’s also a misconception that sectionals only come in one giant size, but furniture stores and liquidators have different sizing options to fit your space.
The limitation with sofas is that they’re not as good as sectionals for fitting everyone. But if you don’t have a large family, there’s really no need for a giant sectional and you can go with a single sofa instead. Even if you do have a family, you can always purchase two sofas and align them according to your tastes as well.
Are You Looking For Flexibility?
This is the part where sofas generally shine more. Sectionals are great when you have a perfect spot for them, but what happens in the event of some living room tinkering?
It’s not that easy to move around a sectional. It’s a one-piece seating solution with an L-shape, and the pieces aren’t as flexible. Sofas, being generally smaller, are easier to move around if you get tired of the layout and are looking to infuse some new life into the space.
Furthermore, storing an extra sofa in a spare bedroom or garage is also valuable. You can bring it out when you’re looking to entertain and keep it stashed away when it’s just you and whoever you live with. It gives you the flexibility to have more living room space if you have additional storage handy.
What’s the Vibe?
When it’s all said and done, deciding between a sofa and sectional really comes down to personal taste and what kind of atmosphere you’re trying to create.
Sectionals are all about lounging and leisure. People can relax on any part and be comfortable, but it’s also about proximity. For a family, sitting close together isn’t a big deal. If you’ve invited some first-time guests over for dinner and move to a sectional, you have to be ready to get cozy.
Sofas might be a little less fun than sectionals, but they’re generally more practical. Since you can use one or two at any given time, there’s room for people who don’t like close contact to feel at ease. Besides, who doesn’t like to sprawl out on their couch after a long day of work every now and then?
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