How to Protect Your Furniture from Pets

August 22, 2016

How to Protect Your Furniture from Pets

Protecting furniture from your beloved furry friends is a challenge for all pet owners. Pets can scratch, stain and leave a lot of fur behind. But, because they're valued members of the family, you don't want to have to banish them to the basement—you want them to feel welcome in your home! Here are a few suggestions to help minimize pet damage to your furnishings:

Be Consistent

Above all other suggestions that follow, this is the most important. You can’t let your dog or cat get up on the couch or bed one day, and not the next. It’s really no different than how you encourage good behaviour in kids. Consistency is key.

Get a Pet Bed
Give your pets their own special place. Put the bed in a spot where they can be part of the action. When they do jump up on the furniture, gently but firmly lead them to their bed. Some people place the beds on the end of their bed or their sofa, others on the floor.

Cover Your Furniture
Even though you’ve provided your pets with beds, chances are you’re going to walk in on them snoozing comfortably on your bed, sofa or chair. Throw a washable blanket or sheet over the spots you know they’re drawn to.

Choose Fabric and Colour Wisely
You might just love that white sofa but it probably isn’t the wisest choice if you have pets. You might be better off choosing a darker colour as paw prints won’t be so visible.

Many dog owners recommend leather because it’s cool to the touch and therefore not so inviting to sleep on. It’s also super easy to keep clean. This doesn’t work so well for felines. Cat owners recommend microfibre fabrics as they aren’t as inviting to scratch as knits or woven fabrics. It’s also easy to clean. Fabrics with a small pattern or texture hide scratches and stains more easily.

Get a Scratching Post
This may sound obvious but it’s surprising how many cat owners complain about their cats scratching their furniture but don’t have a scratching post. As soon as you see your cat scratching at furniture, lead it over to the post. They will eventually catch on.

Spray Deterrents
There are some sprays that theoretically repel dogs and cats. We don’t recommend their use because the chemicals in most could be harmful to both humans and pets. There are some home remedy natural cat deterrent recipes that might be worth a try: 

Pets will always cause some wear and tear in a home. With a bit of effort, damage can be minimized. They’re worth it.