Never Underestimate the Curio Cabinet

September 05, 2018

Never Underestimate the Curio Cabinet

It’s a comeback bigger than Robert Downey Jr.’s first outing as Iron Man. Curio cabinets are back in a major way and this time they’re here to stay.

For people who aren’t sure how to display their most precious items, curio cabinets are the definite answer. Whether it’s in the bedroom or living room, a strategically placed curio cabinet will make your personal treasures shine with ease and elegance.

In an interior design landscape where retro and vintage are all the rage, curio cabinets have an underlying functionality to match their pronounced charm. We’re here to help break down what you need to know to make a curio cabinet the star of your space.

Curio Cabinets are NOT China Cabinets

Before we go any further, let’s take a second to address the elephant in the room. When you look at a curio cabinet, you might very well be one of those people who asks, “Isn’t that the same as a china cabinet?”

While you shouldn’t be embarrassed that you don’t know the difference — there is one very important distinction to make.

China cabinets typically feature solid wood construction with glass only present at the front. Curio cabinets, on the other hand, feature the same glass on the front but with glass panels along the sides as well. To make things more confusing for you, there are some china cabinets that feature glass side panels, but that’s rare.

The reason curio cabinets have those glass side panels is to give people optimal viewing of what’s inside. For example, if you have an awesome collection of Star Trek figures then why wouldn’t you want to show off the cool details on the side of Spock’s uniform as well?

Old School Isn’t The Only Option

A lot of people associate curio cabinets with going over to grandma’s house and seeing her collection of silverware. While we would never throw grandma under the bus and say her style is outdated — you’ve got options.

Most furniture stores and furniture liquidators feature a healthy dose of different curio cabinets to fit your home’s style. It doesn’t have to be an intricate piece of woodwork from the 1940s, there are some sleek contemporary curio cabinets on the market as well.

If you’re not one for all the extra details, there are clean all-glass curio cabinets with a minimalist aesthetic out there. They don’t necessarily have to be an extravagant piece of vintage craftsmanship if you want it to sink into the background.

You Can Play Designer

That said, adding a curio cabinet with a vintage flair is a great way to spice up your space, giving it that unique design touch. Just because your home is modern doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go for that all-glass minimalist curio cabinet.

Sometimes finding the right design element with a bold touch can be tricky. While furniture stores and furniture liquidators present plenty of options, curio cabinets offer great functionality with built-in storage as well.

You’re really killing two birds with one stone here. Find a unique curio cabinet that brings a design edge to your space while utilizing its functionality. This is where these kinds of cabinets kill the competition and where you as a customer unlock their ultimate value.

When it comes to curio cabinets, we’ve got you covered. Visit us at one of our three great Vancouver Island showrooms or check out some of our great curio cabinets online. We carry a number of pieces from brands like Ashley Furniture. We won’t be undersold!