Maximize Your Small Space With These Storage Solutions

July 08, 2018

Maximize Your Small Space With These Storage Solutions

Every home has storage issues. There’s not a shred of doubt that even Jay Gatsby scratched his head while walking through his Long Island mansion and thought to himself, “Why is that there?”

In a modern housing market with an increased emphasis on smaller spaces, it’s become even harder for the average person to declutter their home. With less room to shove your mess into a corner and call it a day, you need to have a plan of action when it comes to organizing your space in a clean and concise way.

We’re not saying you have to go completely overboard — there's no need to start a tornado in your home like the Tasmanian Devil. But, there are some great products you can find at plenty of furniture stores and furniture liquidators to help you get started.

Throw It In The Bed
Instead of throwing a whole bunch of clothes and miscellaneous items over and under your bed, one solution is to get a bed frame with built-in storage. You can rest easy knowing there isn’t an episode of Goosebumps waiting to happen in your pile of t-shirts.
Beds with built-in drawers are a favourite among homeowners who are looking to declutter their bedrooms and keep things tidy. Not only can you pack a lot into these drawers, but they also keep your items clean. You’re not picking up an old relic with a pound of dust on top of it only to find it’s actually a book you bought a few months back.
There are plenty of furniture stores and furniture liquidators that carry these types of beds and Ashley Furniture also has some great options if you’re in the market.

Fold Up Your Furniture
If you live in a small space, having convertible furniture that serves multiple purposes is a great way to really open up the space when you’re not using it for a particular activity.
In a studio apartment, for example, sofa beds are a great way to really open up the space when you’re not sleeping. There are also convertible tables that can be set up as workstations or for dining. You can even get bar stools that hide into the bar island itself and look like drawers that you can pull out with ease.
Regardless of your budget, furniture stores and furniture liquidators have tons of options to choose from and this can be a huge boost in giving your space some additional room.

Fill Up The Walls
This might take a little more effort than simply buying a piece of furniture, but using the walls in your space can save a ton of room for you.
Every house has unused walls that are just full of potential for storage if you’re willing to get a little creative. You can go a more traditional route and build some shelves into a small nook and build them vertically instead of horizontally to optimize space on the wall.
Shelves aren't the only thing you can use your extra wall space for either. Think about installing some wall-mounted seating that will automatically clear up any floor space in communal areas such as dining and living rooms.

Looking for some awesome storage ideas for your home? Head down to one of our three great Vancouver Island showrooms or visit our site. We carry a number of storage solutions from brands like Ashley Furniture. We won’t be undersold!