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Slapping together a couple of dusty and discoloured futons around a big-screen TV was pretty cool back in your college days. As an adult, though, not so much.
Furniture can be fickle. That’s not to say you need to have an entire matching set of couches in your space, but there's a definite art to mixing and matching. When executed correctly, this practice can add the perfect amount of flare you need to make any space look polished while still staying true to your style.
Choose a Theme 
Part of the fun of mixing and matching is finding different pieces of furniture to put together. That said, there still has to be some kind of common element that links their appearance in the space.
If it makes things easier, think about it in movie terms. You have the script, but you’re still waiting to put together the cast and crew that will make it come to life. Whatever happens, however, it’s important that you always stick to that script.
In case that analogy wasn’t clear enough, the script is your theme.
Before you hit up a slew of furniture stores and liquidators, look around your space and surroundings to decide what kind of theme might fit best. If you’re near the ocean, maybe a marine-inspired theme is something that could be of interest to you. Living in a forested area might inspire you to emulate a rural log house style. The possibilities are endless.
Colour Coordination 
Once you’ve decided on a theme, it’s time to think about your colours.
Since there are so many colours to choose from, a good place to start is deciding what kind of overall tone you want for your room. What colour are the walls? Is there coloured carpeting or hardwood floors? Does the space take on a warm or cool atmosphere that you want to compliment with furniture?
From that point, you’ll find it a lot easier rummaging through furniture stores and liquidators to decide what kind of pieces you should bring in. That doesn’t mean all the pieces have to be the exact same colour. If you decide to go with a blue tone, for example, you should accent your space with furniture that goes well with that colour like white or softer purple tones. Now's not the time to break out the neon green and pink.
Prints and Patterns 
This might be the most challenging aspect of mixing and matching your furniture simply because there are so many ways to go about it.
Assembling what prints and patterns to mix and match is something that interior designers are paid good money to do. With that in mind, there are some important tips to keep in mind when looking through furniture stores and liquidators to do it yourself.
Colour is only one part of this process. The two other crucial components are scale and symmetry. Scale refers to the size of the pattern while symmetry gives an overarching sense of cohesion among the prints and patterns. You need both of these things working in unison so your furniture can vary in unique prints and patterns that are also complimentary.
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