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After a long day out and about, the one thing you look forward to is retiring to your bedroom to enjoy a few moments of relaxation before going to bed. After all, you know you’ll be doing it again the next day. Your bedroom is your own little oasis where you get to unwind and de-stress from the day’s events.

With that said, the last thing you want in your bedroom oasis is things that can distract you or make it feel like a negative space. It's important to give yourself a nightly break from reality and what better way than turning your bedroom into the ultimate sanctuary? Before you get started, check out these helpful tips we think you should know before turning your bedroom into your own private haven.

Rid Your Space of Clutter
Nothing is more stressful than walking into your bedroom after a long hard day and seeing a huge mess. Make an effort to keep your bedroom tidy like picking up your clothes and other things in your room that may make the room look a bit chaotic. Your bedroom should be a place of comfort and joy, so make it as happy as possible. Hang some photos of your family and friends or soften the space with a cozy area rug.

Sunlight is wonderful and all, but the last thing you want to see when you’re trying to sleep is any kind of light. Make sure your room is pitch black at nighttime so you're able to doze off without any distractions. Investing in blackout curtains is an absolute must so you can ensure you aren’t woken up before you need to be in the morning.

White Noise
White noise machines are extremely helpful in soothing your mind before falling asleep. Download an app and choose from tons of different sounds like a thunderstorm, waves or any other sounds that bring you to a calm place.

Mattress and Sheets
Having a great mattress and a good set of sheets is obvious if you want a good night’s sleep. Our furniture stores offer top quality mattresses for whatever type of sleeper you are. We even went into detail in a previous blog on when to replace and how to pick a new mattress. Also grab a set of these sheets, which are not only comfortable but keep you cool at night.

Keep it Cool
To get a good night’s sleep, your bedroom should be cool and comfortable. Our body temperatures do drop as we enter deep sleep, but keeping our bodies cool at night will help us stay in a deep sleep for much longer. If you do feel a bit chilly, get an extra blanket instead of raising the temperature in the room.

Bedroom Set
Arguably, the most important part of your bedroom is your bedroom furniture set. If you aren’t happy with your furniture, how will you ever feel comfortable in your bedroom? Check out some of the great bedroom sets we have to help you make your bedroom your own.

Dodd’s furniture stores have a great selection of bedroom furniture like mattresses and bedroom sets from Ashley Furniture that's sure to make your bedroom a great de-stressing zone for you to relax in each and every night. Furniture liquidators like us have a great selection at the best prices so you don’t break the bank. Come into one of our showrooms today and take a peek at our selection so you can make your bedroom an oasis of relaxation.