I am blessed with many things and among them, having an amazing family.  I know that I am very fortunate.  I am also well aware of how much we have all gone through in the last year or so and I hope that this finds you well and healthy.

You know this year we have been taking stock in the Dodd family, much like your own, of the value and time that we have spent with each other.  We have come so far and are so close.

My sister and I started to talk one afternoon recently about Father’s Day. 

One thing led to the next in the conversation and we found ourselves telling stories, laughing, and almost crying (don’t tell her I told you, but my sister actually did). We ending up getting really nostalgic for all of the times we have had here at the store with both mom and dad.

It started with Aman (that’s my sister, if you didn’t know) talking about how it must have been quite a sight to see our dad in the morning driving a rickety old pick-up truck to the ferry. 

It was in those early days that he began to form our 44 year relationship with ELITE SOFA's. They started their company on the mainland around the same time as Mom and Dad did and quickly became best friends in business. The relationship has only strengthened as both our companies grew. That strong foundation is probably why we have such a great relationship and get such incredible deals from them.

Anyway, he would spend the whole day out on the mainland getting furniture, then coming back on the ferry to try to have dinner with Mom (and us eventually) and after dinner he would deliver the furniture himself.

That’s kind of how it all began. 

Our dad was like a superhero to us growing up! 

It always seemed he was always doing something and constantly on the move. The older we got, the more we were able to appreciate what his mission was and what he was really trying to accomplish. 

It wasn’t until we were adults that we really ‘got it’.  As teenagers we were kind of absorbed with our own lives.  We really were unaware of the impact he was having, but once we did, I know for me, my life would never be the same.

As my sister and I talked more, we started to smile and chuckle about how our dad is still recognized in so many places on the island. 

What was most interesting is that we realized that he isn’t always known for serving over 100,000 meals to the homeless, the countless hours of community work or how he has the biggest heart we know. 

In fact, he gets a little quiet when somebody acknowledges all the help that he does in the community, or the coat drives or the blankets he donates for those who need.  

We started to laugh when we talked about the fact that the most prominent reason that he gets recognized, is for all his zany commercials. 

Yep, those kitchy, campy, hilarious, sometimes awkward, commercials. He would do anything (within reason, of course) to make anybody laugh, smile and feel good. 

As a result, people of the island embrace him in such a warm and positive way. 

I’ll tell you a little secret, my dad loves meeting and helping people, and yet I don’t think that he ever expected notoriety from the commercials.

Aman and I thought that it would be an awesome Father’s Day celebration, to show him what our favourite commercials were and that quickly turned into “We wonder what would you think?”. 

So, we came up with a plan to find our absolute favourites of his commercials and, of course, we had completely different opinions. 

We need your help. We went through all of the commercials, new and old, and found our 4 favourite of each. This is where you come in.  We want you to help us determine the ‘Best Gordy commercial of all time!’ (So far). 

We thought it would be fun to see which one was everybody’s favourite. 

Over the next few weeks we will put up on social media two of dad’s commercials as a show down and let you decide which is the favourite. (Follow along on our Facebook to vote!

Every winner advances to meet other winners until there is the #1 favourite of all.

We are going to call it “Gordy vs Gordy”, lol. 

We haven’t told him we’re doing it, and he is rarely on social media, so we don’t even know how he’ll find out. 

The final should be chosen just around the time that we celebrate our 44th Anniversary at Dodd’s! 

That’s when we would love to show him the one that you picked as the favourite!

That will also be when one of you lucky voters will win 500 Dodd's dollars (we mentioned every vote along the way was entering you to win, right?)

But until then, Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Thank you for teaching us everything we could ever need to know about business and family.

Thank you for always being there to lend a helping hand, to us, and to the larger community.

And thank you for teaching us and our daughters that anything is possible with a little hard work and determination.