Live in Style WITH Your Kids. It Can Be Done!

Live in Style WITH Your Kids. It Can Be Done!

Do you feel like your home looks like a daycare? If every room is strewn with toys and kids activity centres, it could be time to reclaim some adult space. Your entire home doesn't have to scream "kids"! We have a few suggestions to help you create a stylish family-centred home that's welcoming and comfortable for everyone in the family. 

Move Valuable Objects Up
Don’t kid-proof your space by moving everything up and leaving bottom shelves and bookcases empty. The eye gets drawn to the imbalance created by the gap. Use bottom shelves for unbreakables like pillows, children’s books, family games and puzzles.

Baskets Are Your Friend
Baskets (or containers, trunks, storage ottomans) add texture, are pleasing to the eye and are super declutterers. Keep baskets in every room in your home. They keep things handy but out of sight. Don’t forget one in the living room for any toys you find laying around. Baskets are useful in the bathroom for towels, medicines, bath toys and other bath accessories.

Give Kids Their Own Space
This could be their bedroom or you may have a dedicated playroom. As well as their own play space, create niches for them in common living areas. When they start getting into your things redirect them to their bookshelf in the living room, their drawer in the kitchen or their basket of toys in the family room. Teach kids to put their toys away when they are finished playing with them. Kids will also appreciate the sense of ownership that comes with caring for their spaces within the home. 

Furniture is pricey so go for durable and practical materials that can withstand the workout that children will give it. Leather, wood and microfibre should be your go-to materials. They’ll still be in good shape when your kids leave home. Leather is easy to care for, wood can be refinished and microfibre withstands kids, spills and pets well.

Cover Everything
Kids will destroy things. With this fact in mind, choose pillow covers for decorating, not solid pillows. You can wash these repeatedly and they’ll look fresh and new. Use duvet covers to protect comforters. You may wish to consider washable slipcovers for upholstered furniture.

Area rugs provide a softening effect to floors and can pull your decor together. Choose subtle patterns to hide stains and dirt. Taupe is a great colour choice as it camouflages almost everything.

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  • Ana Ramirez