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Running a home office sounds great on paper, but it’s a lot harder to maintain in practice. When business is booming, you’re a probably a very busy person. Generally speaking, you don’t have time to worry about the mess brewing in your home office before it’s too late.
Unlike a regular office, you don’t have access to janitorial services (unless you're paying a cleaner every week). Everything in your home office is handled by you or perhaps a loving partner you have to bribe a little. The point is that there’s no one holding you accountable in keeping your home office organized and tidy when there are deadlines to meet and bills to pay.
So what if you never fall down that rabbit hole at all? What if you set your home office up in such a way that it’s always organized? Well, we have some great ideas on how you might be able to do so.
Choose a Desk Wisely
Every home office needs a desk. Whatever style or design you go with, there are plenty of options that furniture stores and furniture liquidators offer.
For organizational purposes, however, you have to do a little more than simply pick the coolest desk you can find. There has to be a balance between function and aesthetics. When those busy days come and there are a million things happening at once, your desk can start looking like a recycling depot if you don’t have a proper storage solution.
Finding a desk with drawers is a great place to start. This expands your storage from the get-go without having to purchase a larger desk that will use up more space. Think of all the things you can put in those drawers without making a mess on your desk surface. You don’t have to go crazy and get one with as many drawers as possible, just get one that suits your personal needs.
Some people may not like putting their things in drawers and that’s fine. If you feel more comfortable having stuff on the surface, simply allow yourself some time to set it up the way you want on a recurring basis.
Filing Cabinets and Folders Are Your Friends
If you’re working from home, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with a lot of paperwork. If that's the case, loose papers are likely the root of your problem when keeping your home office organized.
Does that sound like you? Don’t worry, we’ve got a solution. Investing in a proper filing cabinet can work wonders for your organization and the space it takes up depends on you. For example, there are filing cabinets with a single smaller drawer and there are others with four large drawers. It comes down to how much paper you’re trying to store away safely.
Have you looked around for filing cabinets at some furniture stores and furniture liquidators and determined they’re not for you? No problem. Buying some simple paper folders and setting up a colour-coded system for your documents is another option. This takes up far less space and gives you the added benefit of mobility should you need those papers on-the-go.
Whiteboards For The Win
Another fantastic organizational tool and space saver is the timeless whiteboard. Affordable and easy to maintain, these can save you plenty of time finding where you wrote down that meeting time you swore was saved on your iPhone.
Whiteboards are great for visualizing what needs to be done in a big picture kind of way, too. You can add and erase information as needed and it can even bring a home office space together with a creative touch.
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