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Unused rooms in your home can be a great place to store junk, but wouldn’t that room be put to better use if it had a functional purpose? Although it's not a horrible idea to use your spare room as a junk room, there are several other options you can choose from that will transform your extra room into something special.

Furniture liquidators like Dodds have a ton of competitively-priced options to choose from for any type of space. We want to give you fresh ideas on what you can turn your unorganized spare room into without breaking the bank.

Guest Bedroom
This is an obvious one. We all love having guests over, and what better way to make them feel at home than by offering them a gorgeous guest bedroom to sleep in. Making over your spare room into a guest bedroom is perfect if you have a lot of out-of-town family members who like to visit. Giving your guests the option of staying with you rather than getting a hotel room definitely makes you a more accommodating host. All you really need is a functional bedroom set in a size that complements the room. Try purchasing a bed with storage drawers so you'll not only have a space for your guests but a place to keep those extra clothes and unused items you might have had in the room before.

Home Office
Another great option is turning your spare room into a home office. Let’s face it, we often have to bring our work home with us and a large number of us are starting to work from home more often. Who wouldn’t want a personal work space that doesn't encroach on the rest of your home? Look at desks, comfortable chairs and perhaps even a cabinet or shelf for storage and you are good to go!

Walk-In Closet
Have limited closet space in your master and need more room for your clothes? If you love to shop, this one is for you. Turn your spare room into a walk-in closet by having cabinets put in with shelving, and places to hang your clothes. Purchase a gorgeous dresser to be the focal point of your room. The possibilities here are endless!

A den can be many things such as a TV room, game room, music room or all of the above. Declutter with some shelving units and consider buying a few comfy chairs and a coffee table to go with that TV or game console.

If you prefer to keep your spare room as a storage room then why not make it more functional and organized? Purchase shelving and storage containers to help neatly put your things away and make the space more structured.


Dodds Furniture stores are a great place to find new pieces for that guest bedroom or home office at furniture liquidator prices. We have plenty of gorgeous Ashley Furniture and Canadian-made pieces that will suit your personal needs. Come check out our showrooms today and make your spare room into something great.