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Listen, we know the front-facing camera on your smartphone gives you serious Instagram cred. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do much for your home.
Remember mirrors? Those things you find around your house to ensure you’re not actually a vampire? Turns out they do more than simply provide you with a reflection, they can give your home that extra design oomph it needs to shine.
Decorating with mirrors is a delicate art. Understanding how to place a mirror or put multiple ones together takes some patience and a careful eye. Stick with us, and we’ll help you transform your home into a house of mirrors — in the least creepy way possible, of course.
Make a Statement
Who said your mirror has to be relegated to the background that collects dust until you need it?
Spice things up a little and choose a mirror with a little life. Just like any statement piece you can find at furniture stores and furniture liquidators, mirrors are no different. Find a mirror that not only works in terms of size and functionality but also style. There are tons of mirror designs that can draw the eye in a tasteful way that complements your space.
Don’t be afraid to get a little loud either. Round and square mirrors are classics, but there are trendier options out there. For example, think of picking up a geometric mirror with a unique finish that'll turn some heads. These kinds of mirrors have definitely picked up steam in the design world in recent years for good reason.
The idea is to get a mirror that will stand out without overpowering the space. Furniture stores and liquidators are sure bets for statement mirrors but think about hitting up a funky thrift shop for inspiration, too.
Multiply Your Mirrors
Some people have this unwritten rule in their head where they think they’re only allowed to have one mirror. If you happen to be one of those people, we still love you but listen up.
You can integrate multiple mirrors into your space if it’s done with a little class. Don’t get fixated on thinking of the functionality of mirrors, focus more on how they can liven the area. Whether that’s through an assortment of mirrors with different shapes and sizes or a uniform pattern of mirrors that bring a room together, there’s room to play around.
There’s also no magic number when it comes to multiplying mirrors either. Treat it more like wall art and go to some stores or furniture liquidators to find ones that will fit your space. Create a mirror gallery of sorts and hone in on a particular ambiance and vibe that you’re trying to create.
Go Big When You Go Home
When it comes to mirrors, sometimes bigger is better.
The great thing about large floor mirrors is that they really capture everything you’re wearing in a flash. If you’re feeling yourself and need to take that mirror selfie, this is a perfect place to do it.
On another level, large floor mirrors also open up your living areas. They give off the illusion of more space by capturing a larger reflection and make the entire room appear larger than it is. This is especially great for more compact spaces that could use a little extra light and openness.
Large floor mirrors come also come in a number of great designs. You can get almost any kind of frame imaginable from vintage to ultra-modern. This opens up plenty of opportunities to find what you need from furniture stores, liquidators, or vintage shops in your area.
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