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Sleep Tight: How to Have a Good Night’s Sleep Every Night

Sleep Tight: How to Have a Good Night’s Sleep Every Night

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to everyone. We all have things to do during the day that involve a lot of energy and without sufficient sleep, we don’t function effectively. Aside from that, who doesn’t love sleeping? Getting cozy in your bed watching your favourite movie or show, or reading your favourite book is such a comfortable and relaxing feeling. We think if we had the option we would all stay in bed for days on end!

There are important factors that contribute to having a good night’s sleep and we wanted to outline some of them to you so you never have to have a terrible sleep again!

Set a Sleep Schedule
We all have schedules, whether it’s for work or any other activity. We’re generally focused on having routines, but one routine that always seems to fluctuate is when we go to bed. If you’re only willing to change one thing in your life to help you with your sleep, how about setting a sleep schedule? Going to bed at the same time every night and getting up at the same time each morning keeps your biological clock steady, which helps you sleep better. When you have a regular pattern, this keeps your body in check. Our bodies need to be exposed to a regular pattern of light and darkness so the minute you wake up, open those blinds or have your morning coffee outside!

Cut Out Caffeine in the Early Afternoon
Drinks with caffeine in them such as coffee, tea, or soda can mess up your sleeping habits. Caffeine is a stimulant and stays in your body for about 8 hours, so when you are thinking about having that latte to help you liven up at 5 p.m., think twice before drinking it. This can prevent your brain from entering a deep sleep which is imperative to having a good night’s sleep. The caffeine can also stop you from falling asleep at all, which is, of course, the worst thing that could happen when you know you have a big day the next day!

Keep Cool
Sleep experts recommend making sure your room thermostat is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s around 15 to 19.5 degrees celsius for us Canadians) if you want to have a good night’s sleep. You also want to focus on how you feel when you’re under the covers. Being cool helps lower your body temperature and that helps produce melatonin which induces sleep. Taking a shower or bath before bedtime can also help because while it does raise your body temperature temporarily, it will gradually lower it and cue your body to fall asleep.

Have an Amazing Mattress
The most important thing you need when falling asleep is, of course, a great mattress! How can you get a good night’s sleep if you aren’t comfortable? Luckily for you, Dodd’s Furniture has some of the best mattresses on the market and prices much more affordable than our competitors. From full, queen, to king size; Lexi, Scott Living by Restonic, Sealy, and much more. Dodd’s has a huge selection of mattresses for every type of sleeper. We even have the best selection of bedroom sets like the Sage Fabric bed and tons of other great brands to match your new mattress.

Explore the rest of our website or head into any of our three furniture stores on Vancouver Island and check out our selection today. It's time to start having the best night’s sleep possible!

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