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How to Get the Perfect Minimalist Decor

How to Get the Perfect Minimalist Decor
Minimalism gets a bad rap sometimes. While there are many who love the aesthetic it creates in a home, others find it too boring. They generally think of a near-empty, all-white space with no character or warmth. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth.
A lot of people confuse minimalist decor with being simple or basic. Despite being those things on a surface level, there's actually a lot more to achieving true minimalism in your home. You don’t slap a single loveseat in a giant white room and call it quits. Minimalism has very defined style elements that can make any room in your home come alive.
When implemented right, minimalist decor can do just as much to a space as a more traditional, eye-catching design. It’s all about how you add these minimalist touches, and we’re here to help you do just that.
Say Goodbye to Clutter
You simply can’t have a minimalist space with a ton of clutter everywhere. While everyone has their own take on decor, it’s just not going to happen with this particular look. The theme is “minimalism”, so you should take it quite literally. Take some time to minimize all the unnecessary items lying around in your space.
Start by taking a simple look around, and treat your space the same way you would with a regular cleanup. You wouldn’t leave a pile of dishes in the sink, right? Well, you shouldn’t leave stacks of flyers on the dining table or five empty mugs on your coffee table, either. Make sure that everything within your line of sight is tucked away nicely and nothing remains on the surfaces in your space.
Once you’ve gone through this process once, it'll get easier to identify clutter as time goes on. It’s not about getting rid of these items altogether, it’s about not having them throw off the vibe of the room. Don't keep them out and visible, tucking them away in cabinets and cupboards is a better alternative.
Add Colour The Right Way
Despite popular belief, white isn’t the only colour you’re allowed to use when creating a minimalist aesthetic. While white does give off a clean blank canvas look that fits within the minimalist design, there are other colours you can utilize.
The real key to remember when adding colour to a minimalist space is keeping them neutral. You’re not going for bold and loud colours that will overpower the ambiance of the space. Instead, you should focus on colours that will complement the space and add to an all-white aesthetic.
These should be easy on the eyes with a lower pigment so as to create a subtle infusion of colour without dominating the space. Think about some light pastels or earthy tones that can give you a little touch of colour without becoming the centre of attention in a space.
Choose Furniture Wisely
You’ve decided to go for a minimalist decor, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a need for furniture. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. You need to be even more selective about the furniture pieces you choose for your space.
Go to a few furniture stores and liquidators for inspiration. Take a look around, and try to find pieces that can be staples without causing more clutter. It could be a glass coffee table or a white sofa with clean lines. Whatever it is, you need to understand that these pieces have to serve a function within the space, so they're not wasting valuable square feet for no purpose.
In search of some more minimalist decor ideas? Stop by one of our three great Vancouver Island showrooms to get some ideas in person or check out our website. We carry a number of great products from brands like Ashley Furniture. We won’t be undersold!

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