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How did we go from iced coffees to pumpkin spice lattes so fast? The seasons are changing faster than Dennis Rodman’s hair colour in the nineties, and it feels like we haven’t been able to catch a breath.
But hey, that’s life. Seasons change, and so do styles. For the DIY interior designers out there, the changing of seasons is just another opportunity to get creative. Every season has its own distinct traits that make them special. You might find yourself spending more time at furniture stores, furniture liquidators, or antique shops because of it, but that's all part of the fun.
Everyone has their own unique tastes when it comes to seasonal decorating, but some tips are timeless. It’s also important to remember that while a holiday like Christmas happens during winter, that doesn’t mean it accounts for the entire winter season. You don’t want to be that person with a Christmas tree up in late February because it’s still winter outside.
Seasonal decorations are all about finding the best markers of the particular season you’re in. If you’ve had a little trouble figuring that out in the past, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.
This season might actually be one of the least complicated to decorate for based on how distinct the season is.
When you think of fall, you generally think of leaves turning colour and pumpkins. Furniture stores and liquidators have a lot to offer in that sense. Look for nice fall tones like orange, red and even a rustic brown to spice up your space.
In terms of materials, you should be going for maximum coziness. That means heavier fabrics and darker overall tones to build that sense of warmth inside your household. It’s like you’ve moved away to a nice little cottage in the English countryside for a few months.
We all know Christmas is the real star of winter, but mistletoe and Santa decorations should only be up for the actual Christmas period.
So what do you do in January and February? Well, it’s a good thing you asked. You can continue going down the cozy route you already started in fall or pull out some new tricks.
Think about winter in terms of colour. Maybe it’s an icy blue or a sparkling silver that really brings to mind the cold nature of the season. Even if you live in a place that’s generally warm in the winter, adding some decorations like snow-dusted wreaths and mini-trees can enhance that chilly feel without having to endure negative temperatures.
Spring is that time of year when everything comes back to life. Flowers are blooming and birds are singing — it’s arguably the most beautiful season.
When decorating for spring, it’s a good idea to incorporate an aura of freshness into the mix. Light and breezy should really be your motto here. You want to avoid heavy materials and fabrics and hit some furniture stores in search of softer decor.
Lavender, violet, soft pink, and baby blue are just some of the many colours to choose from. The key is emulating that feeling of renewed life. Floral patterns are also a classic that many people love, but you really have to love the look to commit your home to it.
Unless you live somewhere that’s warm year-round, summer is most likely your favourite time of year.
Summer decorations can be an extension of spring in many ways. There’s an emphasis on light colour tones and thinner materials and fabrics because of the heat. That said, you can even go a bit brighter in summer. You can go for an all-white aesthetic in your space or completely switch it up with bright and bold colours like yellow and pink.
You can even evoke a marine-inspired look that goes well with the summertime vibes in many homes. It’s all about creating an environment centred around colour and light — things you think about when you think of summer.
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