Host the Ultimate Grey Cup Party

November 21, 2016

Host the Ultimate Grey Cup Party

VIP Seating

Okay, so clearly the television is going to be the focal point of your Grey Cup party. Everyone needs to be able to see the screen and sit comfortably for a few hours. Plastic fold-up chairs may be suitable for anyone rooting against your team, but really, you want your friends to be comfortable. If you have a sectional, you've already won "Best Host" award. If not, time to pull all the comfortable furniture from around the house into the viewing area. You can fake a sectional by arranging a sofa and a loveseat into an "L-shape". Borrow the accent chair from the bedroom and toss large throw pillows on the ground for the fitter and/or younger guests. You're also going to want to set up some tables for snacks & drinks. Feel free to spruce up your space with team merch and football-themed decorations. If you're expecting littles, maybe set up a TV in a different room with a movie queued and ready for when they get bored.  


Nothing works up an appetite like shouting at the TV. Finger foods and dishes that are easy to prepare and won't take you away from your guests and the game are best. Prep food ahead of time and go buffet-style so guests can help themselves. Have snacks on tables within arms-reach and cold beverages on ice or easily accessible in the fridge. You can also make a signature cocktail or punch and serve it in a big silver ice bucket (your own version of the Grey Cup) for a more cost-effective option than beer or wine. And hey, if you're hosting you can always make it BYOB and ask guests to bring a dish to share, as well. And speaking of dishes, why not wager a friendly bet? Anyone whose team loses has to do the dishes!

Rules & Regulations

Three hours of revelry can result in some tipsy guests. Make sure you have designated drivers on hand or be prepared to call a taxi for your guests. If you're feeling really hospitable, point guests toward the sofabed and invite them to stay over. Better safe than sorry! We hope you have a wonderful Grey Cup party in the warmth and comfort of your own home. Go team!