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Most of us can agree that if we had the option to not work yet still reap the financial rewards, we'd choose not to. However, this likely isn't an option for most of us, but that doesn’t mean work has to be the bane of your existence.
Some of us are lucky enough to be able to work from home part-time, if not full-time. If that’s the case, why not make sure your home office space represents a productive environment where you can get things done, without comprising your style? If you’re going to spend the majority of your day somewhere, you want to make it a place you actually want to be. Making a home office exude and inspire creativity isn’t difficult when you've got the right combination of pieces from furniture stores like us. We'll give you some tips on how you can make your personal office space truly yours so you can get down to business, literally.
Make it Green
Add some life to your office space, for real, with some calming plants. Plants not only provide a tranquil element to any space but can help clean the air. Not to mention, they look pretty and are incredibly low maintenance.
Get a Rug
An area rug will not only ground the room, especially if you have hardwood floors, but it can also create a cozy space that feels more inviting. If you want your space to stand out, get a colourful or patterned area rug that really pops. Office furniture can sometimes scream dull, but with a gorgeous area rug, you can take your home office from drab to fab!
Be You
Your home office should be a reflection of your individual personality. Knowing you're going to spend most of your days in the space, you’ll want to make it your own. Think of getting a bold desk you’ll want to sit and work on every day. A desk like this from one of our furniture stores lets you adjust the desk to the way you want, without compromising contemporary style. Hanging some art that reflects your individual taste is also a great way to show your creativity. And when you're feeling less than productive, they'll give you something to admire and look at and get the imagination going.
Let There Be Light
If you want to be productive, worming in the dark may not be the best way to achieve that. Make sure your office space allows for natural light to come in. If you don’t have the luxury of having a home office with a ton of natural light, ample artificial lighting can help give the illusion of a bright space. This is crucial when deadlines come around and you need to feel awake and alert.
Make sure you’re optimizing your space with ample storage for all your work. No one likes a messy office and having one can be distracting, making you less productive. Check out your local furniture stores (like us!) for bookshelves to store your books and a nice filing cabinet for your folders.
Choosing furniture for your home office may be a difficult task, but if you check out any Dodd’s furniture stores we have a large selection of office furniture you can fill your home office with. Your home office should be a haven where you can get things done and be productive on the daily. When you’re ready to pick out some key pieces for your home office, come into one of our showrooms and look for chic pieces from brands like Ashley Furniture. We have amazing pieces at furniture liquidator prices, so you don’t have to worry about emptying your bank account to get the perfect office space.