Power at Your Fingertips

A message from Executive Director Mira Laurence: We were honoured to include this submission from Mr. Gordy Dodd in April's edition of our monthly newsletter in support of Parkinson's Awareness Month. While June 4th's HeadWay Charity Golf Classic at Olympic View Golf Club has been cancelled, you can still help fund multiple Victoria Parkinson's Centre programs listed here on our website:


For people with mobility issues, the thought of getting up and out of a chair can be daunting. Power lift chairs are an affordable and beneficial way to help your loved ones maintain their independence, while quite literally giving them a lift.

Lift chairs gently help you get to a standing position or gradually descend to a comfortable sitting position of your choice. The added feature of a powerful electric motor located in its base, is connected to hand controls which allow users to manage the speed and angle of the lifting mechanism. They also have the look and feel of regular recliners, thus blend in to your existing decor quite nicely.

While you may wish to surprise someone, it's best to bring them in-store for a test drive. Dodd's Furniture & Mattress has a variety of styles with a wide range of fabrics, colours and features to choose from. Based on ones individual mobility, things to consider include: The number of positions the chair offers, specialty features such as heat and or/massage, and how and where the chair will fit in the home.

A critical consideration is the weight and height of the individual. While most power lift chairs can support over 300 pounds, a person's height is of equal importance. Height determines the distance the chair needs to lift of the ground, to facilitate and safe and pain-free exit.

You may also want to check out one of Dodd's Zero Gravity Chairs. Developed by NASA, zero gravity is one of the best ways to relieve back and neck pain.

When reclined, the legs are raised above the heart - which in turn puts your back and spine into the correct resting position.

Relieving stress on the lower back reduces or eliminates disc compression. Along with improving lung capacity and circulation, individuals living with respiratory issues such as COPD can benefit from sleeping with the slightly raised backrest.

Whether you love to read, knit or nap, entertaining friends, watching TV and gaming with the family will be that much more enjoyable in your comfortable power lift chair from Dodd's Furniture & Mattress.



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