Going Grey Gracefully

July 02, 2017

Going Grey Gracefully

Okay! After taping impossibly small paint swatches to your walls and then eventually springing for samples and painting patches to test the light and look, you've decided to go grey. Smart choice! Grey is a sophisticated colour. It's a fabulous palette for for furniture, too—see the gorgeous New Class sectional in charcoal, above.  

Now, the thing about grey is that there's possibly a billion different shades... But, don't get discouraged or overwhelmed! A great way to get inspiration for your rooms is to take a look how other people are using the same hue in their spaces. We've rounded up some photos of different greys paints in different homes for you to take a boo at. 

A word for the wise, computer screens and photo treatments vary, so keep that in mind as you fall in love with your grey!


Granite Grey from CIL lends a formal air to this casual and airy living space. It reflects natural light, yet still lends an air of drama. 


Benjamin Moore's Perspective grey is a slivery pale shade of grey that works well with different lighting and spaces. Great for creating an airy look.


Another great grey from Benjamin Moore, Brewster Grey lends an air of timeless tradition to a room with its soothing shade of blue-grey.


Fancy a little drama in your life? This combination of Carbon and Antique Tin can be used together to create this modern edgy look. These same shades also work together in a formal Victorian space—moody & romantic!