The Right Rug: Size Matters

The Right Rug: Size Matters

Right, so you've decided you're going to invest in a rug for your space. Now, you just need to sort out what kind of rug will work. Colour and pattern are important, but its the size you really need to sort out first. Here are a few tips:

Large Room
(standard sizes 11' x 14', 9' x 12')

If you have a big space with your furniture arranged away from the walls (a floating arrangement), you want to make sure your rug is large enough so that all the furniture fits on it with a bit to spare around the edges. You don't want to have to compromise your previous floating arrangement to fit your furniture on a smaller rug. It will make your room look cramped and awkward. 

If your furniture is arranged along the walls, aim to cover half the floor space with your rug. Basically, if the first two legs of all your furniture pieces fit on the rug, you're golden.

Small Room
(standard sizes 8' x 10', 6' x 9')

Laying a rug in the centre of the room in a smaller room creates an illusion of more floor space. You can arrange your furniture around it and place a coffee table in the centre to create a cozy seating area. 

Okay, so now you have some size guidance. Tune in next time when we discuss colour, texture and patterns... In the meantime, come see our area rug collection for a little inspiration!


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