Enter...If You Dare! Decorate Your Entryway for Halloween

October 29, 2017

Enter...If You Dare! Decorate Your Entryway for Halloween

Want to roll out the (blood) red carpet for the little ghosties and ghoulies destined for your door this Halloween? Check out these charmingly creepy ideas!

1. Boo-tiful Banner

This glittering gold pumpkin banner made by Kelowna's SocialBash&Co adds a glittering touch of magic to your entryway and it's seasonal neutral enough to go up before Thanksgiving. 


2. Jack-o'-Lanterns

Step one: visit one of our many local pumpkin patches to choose your perfect ghoulish gourd. Step two: get creative! Whether you go for a classic jack-o'-lantern grin or something more technically challenging, these age-old beacons of Halloween light the way to your door and set the scene. Looking for inspiration? Check out Pumpkin Art on Oak Bay Avenue. 


3. Witch Way

Transform your entranceway or front porch into a witch's front room. Hang pointed hats, capes and brooms from hooks to create that witches-are-over-for-tea look! source: Scent of a Woman 

4. Ghostly Portal

If ghosts are more your thing, some gauzy fabric, styrofoam heads and fishing wire go a long way! Cheesecloth, old lace curtains or any transparent fabric works for this easy DIY decor idea. Every year, Value Village has a bin of styrofoam heads for cheap. Simply screw an eye hook or hot glue gun some fishing wire to the head and drape in layers of sheer fabric. Hang your spectre from trees, off your front porch or directly over your door. You can play with lighting or adding glow sticks to amp up the effect. (via simplydesigning.com)


5. Potions & Poisons

Collect interesting old bottles to create your own creepy apothecary. Paint, distress or drip wax on them and apply one of these cool witchy apothecary labels made by Parksville's MorganaMagickSpell. Set these up just outside your door beside a pumpkin or a cauldron to really set the mood.