Create a Welcoming Guest Room

Create a Welcoming Guest Room

Company's coming! The best way to make visitors feel welcome is to offer them their own comfy space. This means it's time to get the guest room ready. Here are a few tips for making your guests feel right at home!

Travel-weary guests will appreciate sinking into a comfortable bed. Make sure your guest room has a good bed. A queen-sized mattress is a safe bet as it's big enough for two adults or a few littles. If you have space you can always add bunk beds against one wall, so an entire family can stay in one room. Choosing soft, layered bedding in neutral colours will help create an air of peacefulness and calm and will also allow for a good sleep in different temperatures. Have pillows of different firmness for guests to choose from. 

A night table on each side of the bed gives your guests a place to put their valuables at night. Be thoughtful and place a lamp, magazines, tissue paper, and a water glass within easy reach. If there's room, a small vase of flowers adds a nice touch. 

Most folks nowadays are traveling with various devices. Have a power bar set up somewhere in the room so they can plug in their various telephones, tablets, etc. Place a shallow bowl nearby for keys and other personal effects. 

Make sure your guests have a place to store their clothes. A dresser or a wardrobe are good options—especially if closet space is at a premium. Wooden hangers are a really nice touch. 

Fill a nice wicker basket with all the toiletries your guests may need. You can pick up travel-size shampoo, toothpaste, soap, etc. at the drug store or repurpose hotel mementos picked up from your own travels. Include several towels, facecloths, painkillers and a spare toothbrush. If you really want to go all out, you can hang a couple of terrycloth robes on a hook. Leave the basket somewhere your guests can clearly find it or if you're fortunate enough to have an ensuite bathroom adjacent to the guest room, place the basket in there. 

So, you don't have a guest room? No problem. Invest in a good sofa bed or futon in the common area and have an air mattress on hand. Entertainment centre drawers can be emptied for guests to stow away their things. Have a few baskets on hand for guests to store shoes, toiletries, etc. After all, it's not about the four walls, but the welcoming mood you create in your home! Happy visiting! 

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