Caring for Leather Furniture

July 19, 2016

Caring for Leather Furniture

Many people think that leather furniture is difficult to care for. It’s actually really easy to maintain. Leather can also handle kids and pets under normal conditions. As leather ages its natural patina comes out making it even richer. It's a great long term investment and surprisingly affordable. Leather is a natural product and does require some care to maintain the beauty of the hide.



Regular cleaning of leather furniture is just about as easy as it gets. Just regularly dust with a dry, soft dustcloth and vacuum in the crevices.

Never Use Soap or Cleaning Solvents

Solvents and soaps will darken, stain and cause your leather to crack so keep them away. For liquid spills, wipe up excess liquid immediately with a cloth or a sponge. Leather doesn’t like water. For butter or grease spills, wipe with a clean cloth and the spot should disappear quickly. You can also apply a bit of baking powder and it will help absorb the grease.


Apply a good quality leather conditioner every 8 months. This is a notable difference between fabric and leather upholstery. These conditioners are generally a cream and are designed to be buffed into the leather. It doesn’t take long to do this and it will both protect and condition.

Treating Minor Scratches

Using a microfiber cloth or clean fingers, gently buff the fabric. This works to ‘heal’ the leather. If needed, you can slightly dampen a cloth with distilled water to work the scratches out.

Keep Temperature Even

Don’t place leather furniture near air conditioners or radiators as this can cause drying and cracking. Leather is a natural fabric and likes a constant temperature. Keep your furniture out of direct sunlight as it can cause fading.


Apply a leather protector as soon as you purchase it. Check with your salesperson to see if it has already been applied. This will help with those kid spills.

We hope these pointers help you maintain your leather furniture. As you can see it is pretty straightforward. You’ll be rewarded with furniture that will last a very long time and it’ll only get better with age. Come on into Dodd’s and see some of our fabulous leather furniture.