Building the Right Breakfast Nook for Your Space

Building the Right Breakfast Nook for Your Space
We all grew up hearing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As you grow older though, life starts to get in the way. You find yourself spending less time at home in the morning as your days get longer and busier. It happens. That said, if you had a nice little space of your own instead of a formal dining room — you might be more inclined to stay a little longer.
Breakfast nooks are perfect for that exact purpose. You can spend as much or as little time in them as you need. Get in, eat, and get out, or casually read the newspaper before your shift starts. Think of your breakfast nook as a comfy pit stop before you officially start the day.
There are a variety of breakfast nooks you can build depending on factors such as space and budget. And, despite popular belief, you don’t have to have a massive mansion-sized kitchen to have a breakfast nook. With a little creativity, any home can have a breakfast nook, and we're here to help you with that.
Clean and Simple
If you can’t decide whether you want a floral or mid-century look for your breakfast nook, keep it clean and simple.
Use white or neutral colour tones to create a space that blends into your kitchen environment. It doesn’t need to stand out if you don’t want it to. All you need to include is a basic table and a couple of chairs if you don’t have the ability to offer bench seating. If you do have that extra space, bench seating is certainly one of the pillars of a great breakfast nook that every family movie seems to include — so you know it’s legit.
This type of breakfast nook is all about keeping costs low and functionality high. It’s also perfect if you already have a minimalist aesthetic in your home. It’s not intrusive and serves the purpose of having a space to run your breakfast routine with ease.
Just because you don’t live in a big house with multiple rooms and a giant kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t have a breakfast nook.
For all you apartment dwellers out there, creating a breakfast nook can be as simple as adding a little table with chairs near a kitchen window. If you happen to have a view that you like, you can even bring in an elevated table and stools to give it that extra style push. If you’re pressed for space, limit it to one table and two stools. Trust us, even that little addition will make all the difference during your morning rituals.
Create a Theme
Some people already have a specific theme with distinct style choices in their kitchen. If that’s you, make sure your breakfast nook adheres to what you’ve already created.
If you have a rustic Tuscan-style kitchen, try adding some Italian touches to your breakfast nook. You can look for a vintage bench design, or it could even be as simple as having some espresso cups for decoration. Different furniture stores and furniture liquidators will have plenty of ideas for your imagination to run wild.
If you need some more ideas about how to decorate your breakfast nook, visit one of our three great Vancouver Island showrooms to get some more ideas in person or check out our website. We carry a number of great products from brands like Ashley Furniture. We won’t be undersold!

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