A Sofa Bed Could Be the Answer

A Sofa Bed Could Be the Answer

Remember those family holidays when you were a kid and you pulled the short straw and got that hide-a-bed with the lumpy mattress? They were uncomfortable and ugly to boot as most of us recall. They’ve come a very long way. Not only are today’s sofa beds comfy they are also stylish. There are so many styles and fabrics to choose from that will suit any taste and budget.


Sofas take up a lot of room so if you have limited space sofa beds make sense. We all want to make our space function optimally to suit our needs. Not many of us have the luxury of having a guest room, an office and a craft/work room so it makes good sense to combine functions. A sofa bed is perfect for multi-purpose rooms. Having guests over is easy. Just pull out the bed and they can use your desk/work table as a dressing table.

You can also use your sofa bed in your living room, making it the occasional guest bedroom. This is ideal for small spaces and allows you to be hospitable. It’s fun to stay up late with your guests and enjoy breakfast together in the morning.

A sofa bed is also perfect for a kid’s room. Not only are sleepovers a breeze but a sofa bed provides a perfect spot for bedtime stories and cuddles.

Need more space in a really small bedroom? Forget the traditional bed and opt for a sofa bed. You might even want to consider a bureau style murphy bed. A very small bedroom is suddenly spacious and can host other things besides a bed.

Buying Tips

Measure your space and be clear on the dimensions you can accommodate. Remember that sofa beds will always look much smaller in a furniture showroom. Make sure it can fit through your doors.

Try it out. You want to assure yourself that it will be comfortable as both a bed and a sofa. Open and close it. It needs to be easy to pull out and slide back.

Look for storage in a sofa bed. It’s always an added bonus, especially in a small space.

Lastly, get the best quality you can afford.

Come on into Dodd’s and check out what we have in stock. We think you’ll be impressed with both the style and comfort of our sofa beds. We’ve also got murphy beds that might be perfect for you.

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  • Anil Arora