A New Year, A New Room

February 08, 2017

A New Year, A New Room

The beginning of a new year is a great time to take stock of your living space and consider tackling a makeover. No need to go crazy and plan a big reno, but making over that one room that just hasn't felt right or needs updating is a great project for this time season of fresh starts. 

Choose your room 
Walk through your home and cast a shrewd eye on your living spaces. Do you feel relaxed in your bedroom? Does the living room feel welcoming? Maybe the kids rooms are looking a little worse for wear. Start with one space you'd like to change. 

Out with the old
Once you've chosen your space, take an inventory of the room. Write it down and make a note of what you like and identify what you don't like. Make a plan to get rid of what you don't like. If it's a wall colour, you'll want to start thinking about new paint. If it's something like a sofa, consider a replacement. Donate or sell what you don't want. 

Make a budget
Decide ahead of time what you can spend on improvements to your home. Don't be discouraged by a small budget! You can make some pretty big changes without spending a lot of money. Paint, colourful throws, cushions and mirrors can have quite an impact on a room. Keep your eyes open for sales and visit the shops so you know what's out there. 

Get Pinning
Create a Pinterest board to organize and save your ideas. You'll find loads of inspiration from other Pinners, as well. From DIY ideas to furniture arranging—Pinterest has it all. 

Get started
You can take as long as you like to finish your project or projects, but the most important thing is to get started! Maybe you're the type who prefers to do it all at once. Take a look at your budget and set a date to start. If you're content to go slow or you're working with a small budget, start with one piece at a time. The idea is to enjoy yourself and welcome a sense of newness to your home.