Make The Most Of A Small Space Living

March 04, 2016

Make The Most Of A Small Space Living

At Dodd’s we know that many of our customers are living in small spaces. We understand the challenges you face in getting the right furniture to maximize your space. You don’t have to forego style or comfort. We’ve put together a few tips to assist you in making your space more functional and appealing to the eye.

Small spaces are often short on storage. You don’t want to be looking through storage bins every time you need a tool or craft supplies. Furniture that comes with storage space is valuable. Look for built-in shelves, hidden compartments, coffee tables and ottomans that open for stashing.

You want the eye to travel upward in small spaces. Think tall lamps and plants, high bookcases, shelving and a TV mounted on the wall. Create vertical picture placements.

Most small spaces are light challenged. Maximize the light you do have by strategically placing mirrors to reflect more light into your living space.

Avoid blocking your view from one room to another. Doing so will make you feel cramped. Airy pieces like open-sided bookcases and glass tables create an illusion of more space.

Keep your furniture to the edge of the room to avoid cluttering up floor space. There is nothing worse than tripping over furniture.

Most people have a hard time doing this because precious memories are attached to
objects. This is tough but you’ve got to do it. Too many things make a small space way too busy. Try a rotational approach. Put at least ⅓ of your knick knacks away. Your stuff isn’t going away forever, you are simply letting it rest. In six months, you can bring the stored stuff out and put the current stuff away. Change it up and it will feel like Christmas.

Measure before you head out to the furniture store (we’re sure that’s Dodd’s). Bring your tape measure with you to be sure that the new piece you are considering will fit comfortably into your small space.

At least you don’t have to worry about how you’ll find the time to clean your six bathrooms today.

Come in and check out our selection of small space furniture. We think you’ll be surprised at the selection Dodd’s carries.