Recliners: Chill In Comfort

February 19, 2016

Recliners: Chill In Comfort

Choosing the right recliner is as important as choosing the right walking shoe. After a long day there is nothing more inviting than a comfortable chair to sink into. And even better when the chair comes with a footrest. Recliners have it all - comfort, style and durability. No wonder they are the best selling chair in Canada.

There are so many options to choose from. Maybe you want the standard. That’s the one that moves back when you push against it and the footrest pops out. For those with mobility issues there are the electric recliners. If you want a gentle rocking motion, there are recliners that do that too. If you’ve got lots of aches and pains, a recliner that gives you a massage may be the ticket. If you have trouble moving from a seated to a standing position you’ll love the lift recliner. Traditionally, recliners have taken up a fair bit of floor space but today there are even models built especially for small spaces. All recliners are helpful in relieving lower back pain and improving your blood circulation when you using the footrest.

There’s just as much variety in price as there is in style. We realize you have to stay within your budget and Dodd’s has something for you. We encourage you to inspect furniture carefully before you purchase. Don’t be shy. Look underneath the chair, ask questions. Ideally, a hardwood frame is the way to go but plywood does offer a sturdy affordable option.

This is why you want that recliner, right? Sit in the recliner for a full five minute test run.
When the seat is upright your feet should touch the floor. The headrest should support your head and neck. Check out the foam density. Do you feel any lumps or bumps underneath or behind you? Hear any squeaks?

There are as many recliner fabrics as there are styles. You need to make the right choice for your lifestyle. Leather is the most durable and the most expensive. If you’ve got a cat that’s into scratching furniture, it’s not your best option. Synthetic microfibre gives you a suede-like feel and resists moisture. This fabric really stands up well. Wool is long lasting and stain resistant. Many of the newer vinyls hold up extremely well too.

Make sure the gap between the seat and the leg rest doesn’t exceed 5 inches. You don’t want your kids or your pets to get stuck here.

Don’t forget to check out the manufacturer’s warranty. Peace of mind is a great commodity.

Come on in and have a look at what we’ve got in the store. We’re sure to have something to

suit you, your budget, your space and your lifestyle.