3 Ways to Create the Illusion of a Higher Ceiling

3 Ways to Create the Illusion of a Higher Ceiling
How do you make your ceiling seem higher than it is? Magic might solve the issue if you’re David Blaine, but for the rest of us “normies” — it’s a little more complicated. That’s not to say it’s impossible, though. If your home feels more like a hobbit house than a normal house, wrong design choices may play a part in that.
In some ways, ceilings are kind of like an illusion. Depending on what your space actually looks like, even ceilings that are lower can open a room up with the right furniture, fixtures, and colours. We’re not saying that all of a sudden, you’ll have ceilings comparable to Buckingham Palace, but you can make them feel bigger than they are.
And boy, do we have some ideas for you. Prepare to become a master of illusion by mastering the art of designing your space to make your ceilings look higher. With a little help from some furniture stores, you’ll have your place looking big and bright in no time.
Light It Up
You want to think about this when considering lighting for your space: How can artificial and natural light work together to make your ceilings seem higher?
The natural light aspect of this is pretty straightforward. Your goal should be to maximize light in the daytime, so your space always looks big and open. That means keeping curtains high as well as any other fixtures that can obstruct a window pathway.
Even if you have a nice home and are considering something like a big lamp or a chandelier, keep in mind that this kind of lighting can actually minimize how light spreads. Instead, it’s good to focus on recessed lighting that's built into the ceiling itself. Your light distribution will be a lot longer and evenly spread. There won’t be one or two lights highlighting one area, but a few that illuminate the ceiling. This will, in turn, make it appear much bigger even when it’s dark outside.
Keep Your Furniture Low
Being aware of your low ceilings is actually a good thing. Far too many people think their space looks a certain way, and they head to furniture liquidators and load up on pieces that don't fit well.
If you know your ceilings are low, why would you invest in big, tall sofas that cover up every window in your living room? Instead, find some sleek furniture that's a little lower to the ground. That might sound a little strange at first, but it can be very comfortable and elegant at the same time.
Low-to-the-ground furniture is also more common in places like Japan, where they optimize their space with low dining tables and beds. You don’t have to go that low with your design but know that there are options out there.
Crack the Colour Code
One of the most important elements of making ceilings appear higher is colour. Imagine you painted a room that already had low ceilings with a fresh coat of dark burgundy or brown. To be blunt, it'd make that space feel tiny.
You want to focus on colours that help pull off the optical illusion of more space. Translation? Bright. White and super light colour tones are the best way to go. If you really want to step things up a notch, having a darker floor with light walls can really amp up the contrast. This will make your walls pop, and they’ll look much taller than they actually are.
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