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3 Big Decorating Trends You Need to Know for 2019

3 Big Decorating Trends You Need to Know for 2019
Everyone always goes on about how “home is where the heart is.” While we agree wholeheartedly (no pun intended) — nobody wants to go home to a house that looks like it’s straight out of The Amityville Horror.
This is why updating your home decor is important. Not only are you keeping things fresh and current, but it’s also a chance to flex some creative muscle. Show family and friends that you have the design chops to put your space together in stunning new ways that would make even Martha Stewart proud.
Much like fashion and music, home decor is in constant evolution. What was hot a few years ago doesn’t have the same allure today. As a homeowner, you should always be looking for ways to tweak your decor to make it stand out. Well, you're in luck. We’re here to share a few awesome home decor trends that are going to blow your socks off in 2019.
Mixing and Matching Furniture
Let’s face it: uniform furniture sets are kind of boring. Add a little character to your space by mixing and matching furniture with distinct styles. Doing this will give your home a unique spark that tells people this is your home.
Try mixing things up by picking furniture from various eras or periods in your life that mean something to you. Pair a modern couch with a family-owned coffee table that holds sentimental value. It’s all about having a vision for that space while ensuring that there is some kind of synergy among the furniture in it.
You can’t simply slap a bunch of random old furniture together either — that’s just sloppy. Instead, match pieces you’ve collected over the years which have a similar theme, colour, or pattern with your more current furniture. Play around and have fun with the marriage between these pieces to create a one-of-a-kind space.
Headboard Heaven
You don’t have to go to a five-star hotel to enjoy a luxury headboard in 2019. This year is all about bringing that elegant feeling back to your bedroom with a statement piece above your head while you sleep.
One of the biggest trending headboards of the year uses plushy velvet materials. This is ideal for homes that are both ultra-modern and more rustic in nature. Adding a plush velvet touch elevates your bedroom with an extra aura of opulence. Make your personal sanctuary feel like a real oasis by adding a beautiful headboard with class.
Don’t Fear Wallpaper
Wallpaper is making a strong comeback in 2019. After years of being seen as tacky and too cluttered in many interior design circles — it’s finally back with a vengeance.
The reason for this is that people have finally mastered the formula of how to use it well. In the past, people have covered their spaces in wallpaper with busy patterns that distract the eye and take away from the rest of the space. People are now realizing that they can still add wallpaper, but they need to be a bit more subtle about it.
Putting some wallpaper up in a particular room in your home is fine, but it has to complement the rest of that space. You might have a stripped-back modern look in your kitchen, for example. If you want to incorporate wallpaper, look for one with understated colours and patterns to complete the overall decor. Don’t add intricate patterns and bold colours that’ll overpower the space completely.
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