Consider a Mattress Protector

May 16, 2016

Consider a Mattress Protector

Many people sleep on mattresses without protectors. At Dodd’s we’re not trying to ‘upsell’ when we suggest you buy a mattress protector along with your new mattress. We recommend the use of protectors for the following reasons:

Keep Your Mattress Clean
Over time a mattress can get pretty gross if not protected. The human body contains a wide variety of fluids and some of these fluids leak out of the body during the night. These fluids could be perspiration, oils from our skin, saliva, blood, tears and others. They pass right through sheets and into the mattress. Sometimes we spill those drinks we keep beside us on the bedside table and these will soak right into the mattress. A mattress protector prevents any of these things from soaking into your mattress, causing stains.

Allergy Defense
We all shed dead skin cells when we sleep. Dust mites thrive on dead skin cells and you’ll have them in your mattress without a protector. Dust mite allergies are very common. If you find yourself sneezing, congested, with watery eyes and a runny nose dust mites could be the culprit. Avoid this with a mattress protector.

Extend the Life of Your Mattress
You’ll need to replace your mattress sooner without a protector. Any moisture will wear down the foams in a mattress which will shorten its life.

Protect Your Warranty
You can’t expect your mattress warranty to be honored with a big stain on your mattress. Protect your investment by using a protector.

Come in and check out the mattress protectors we carry at Dodd’s. They’ll keep your mattress in tip-top condition. You’ll find them really comfortable and they’ll add to your overall sleep experience.