Dining Benches - Design Trend

April 18, 2016

Dining Benches - Design Trend

A great family kitchen is really the heart of the home. It’s where countless good times are shared, where important conversations happen as meals are being prepared and where details of the school day are recounted over an afternoon snack. Our kitchens act so much like a family room that it’s worth making it a warm and inviting space for family and guests alike. And there’s just no substitute for the wonderful smells that drift from a kitchen where tasty things are happening. It’s like a magnet for kids of all ages.

In fact, in most homes the kitchen wears many hats - it’s the center for the family team huddle, the place for bantering with friends, the computer room for paying the bills, an entertainment center, the homework center, the children’s art museum as well as a place to gather to eat.

Benches are making a comeback around kitchen and dining room tables. They actually have a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages in castles and large manor houses. People dined in what was called ‘The Great Hall’. The tables were enormously long, heavy wooden structures with benches along each side. Later, farmhouse tables typically used benches in both Europe and North America.

Today many people are living in smaller spaces or simply don’t want all those bulky chairs especially when they are hosting large family gatherings like Xmas and Thanksgiving. You can go the two bench route (one along each side of the table) or mix and match with both chairs and benches. Optimizing horizontal space means there is more space for actual bodies at the table. The combination of a bench with chairs brings a lot of interest to your kitchen and dining room. Whether you choose a farmhouse look, a picnic style or upholster a single bench mixed with a cluster of chairs, you’ll create an appealing, comfortable and serviceable style. If your bench is hinged, it will also provide additional storage space.

Benches are versatile. You can leave them bare, paint them, cover them with fabric or put cushions on them. You can move them to wherever they are needed. You can use them for additional seating out on the patio or in the living room, in front of a window or to put your feet up in the family room, so you don’t worry about damaging your coffee table.

Come in to see us at Dodd’s Furniture and see the dining room tables and benches we have in stock or check out our Dining Room collection online. We think they look pretty fabulous and think you will too!