Choosing Quality Furniture

Choosing Quality Furniture

Maybe you’re buying furniture for the first time or maybe you bought a piece of furniture that completely disappointed you and now you're on the search for quality and durability. Here’s some things to keep in mind while you’re examining potential pieces of furniture.

You want to know if the wood will stand up. It falls into three categories - solid wood, veneers and particle board or composite wood. Structurally any kind of solid wood or sturdy plywood is just fine. Stay away from particle board, pressed wood or fibre board.

In plywood construction you’re looking for multiple layers. The more the better. Veneers refer to using a thin slice of premium wood over a lower quality wood. They’re often used in high end furniture too. You can’t count on refinishing too often.

Solid wood is the most durable but it’s easy to mark up too. Check to see if your fingernail leaves a dent in the wood. If it does you might want to look at something with a harder finish.

Check Joints
These pieces are sturdier and should be reinforced as they are designed to take more weight. Run from any piece that uses staples or nails. Same thing for glue. You’re looking for wooden dowels or screws.

Make sure drawers pull out smoothly, latch properly and slide in evenly. Check knobs and handles to make sure they are tight. Make sure the legs are even and the piece doesn’t rock.

Know your lifestyle. Don’t buy a white sofa when you know full well your beloved black lab will be sleeping on it in no time. If you’ve got kids or pets go for a stain resistant dark, tough fabric. There are many to choose from that can withstand almost anything.

Upholstered Furniture
Make sure to unzip those cushions on sofas and armchairs. You want to see foam wrapped in some material. If you just see foam it will be less durable and comfy. Don’t forget to ask about foam density. You want ample padding.

Check the legs. They should be heavy, made of wood and jointed to the frame, not nailed.

Lift up a cushion and press down on the base of the sofa. It should spring back immediately. You want the coil system to offer even resistance or it won’t be comfortable or durable. Take a miss on furniture with springs more than a few inches apart.

At Dodd’s we pride ourselves in offering you quality furniture at a reasonable price. We buy volume lots from quality manufacturers, many of them Canadian, and pass those savings onto you.

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  • Anil Arora